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About Us

GSC has been in the wholesale business since 1983. Through out our years of experience, we have come to produce good-quality giftware which includes windchimes, figurines, and religious articles for the consumer. We also strive on providing excellent customer service which includes quick turn around time in shipping, professional packing to reduce damages and qualififed staff to help with any issue that may occur.

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Product Information


Within the last few years, our windchimes line has expanded to a large variety of materials, to include Copper,Polyresin,Pewter,Acrylic and Wooden windchimes.

The newest and hottest addition to our windchimes collection is the Copper series. This series consists of copper coated wiring that includes a variety of colorful glass gem, marble, stain glass, and gazing glass ball.

There are many handcrafted designs to choose from such as dolphins, hummingbirds, butterflies,crosses and many other themes.

Our Polyresin Windchimes series consist of high quality stone powder and poly oil. The proportion of the mixture is well formulated in order to yield good stable quality.

Each figurine is produced from a mold, which has been cast from its detailed carved sculpture. The coloring is then hand painted to portray the life-likeness of the figurine.


We have a large variety of figurines which include horses, frogs, wildlife, mystical fairies and dragons. Cracked mosaic and other items have also been added to our collection. Each one of these categories was created to complete our unique line of giftware.


Religious figurines have become a fast growing trend within our industry. There are over 80 unique statuary designs, which have been created with great attention to detail and quality. Each saint is distinctive with a personalized name plate. Our saint figurines scale from 3” to 24” in height. A few designs included in this collection are Crucifixion, Last Supper, St. Jude, Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Michael, etc. This collection is available in our religious catalogue.